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Opinions on Find Your Child – Parenting Tools, Child Safety Devices & Parenting Teenagers

“This helps me keep in touch with where my (16 year old) daughter is in the evenings and weekends – especially as I am away from home a lot myself. I was wary of using technology, but as far as parenting tools go this is pretty smart – (she) would never be without her phone!”
Kate E, Taunton

My two boys (10 & 14) are always up to something. Just knowing that they are more or less where they should be is reassuring enough. All child safety devices are worth considering, and Find Your Child passes the test.
Tim W, Luton

We have an arrangement where I agree to ring (my 13 year old son) only once a day if he is with his friends. By using this I feel like I’m keeping an eye on him in between times, which is nice.
Hayley L, Weybridge

My (15 year old) daughter never answers her phone if I ring her when she’s with friends. I have taken her phone off her in the past because of this, but then I worry even more, so this system works really well for us. Parenting teenagers is never going to be easy, so I’m happy with anything that helps.
Colin W, Kirkcaldy

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