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If you would like to know who can locate your own mobile – or that of your children, click below.

Search From As Little As 40p!

This is a pay as you go service.

The intial charge is £9.99, this provides:

  • 12 months registration
  • 1 mobile able to be located
  • 4 location requests
  • 3 text message
  • 1 map zoom

When you make your first payment, we set up an online account for you, providing you with a username and password. There is an immediate debit of a registration fee, which provides you with access to the system for 12 months. The rest of the purchase price stays in your account, to be used to add and locate mobiles.

You have to pay (once) to add each mobile that you wish to track, and then a small amount each time you make a search. So, once you have set everything up, all charges are made on a Pay As You Go basis (with credit top-ups purchased from your online account).

12 Months Registration Fee£2.49
Adding a Mobile to be Located£1.00
Web Based Location Request£0.50
Mobile Based Location Request£0.60
Map Zoom for Greater Detail£0.05
SMS Sent From Website£0.15
Address Validation Fee
(If Postal Service selected)

The standard cost of Location requests is 50p each, but if you buy credit in bulk, it can work out to be as low as as 40p. (If you pay for £100 of credit, we will actually credit your account by £125 – and if you used this solely for Location Requests you could search 250 times – working out at only 40p each.)