If you would like to know who can locate your own mobile – or that of your children, click below.

Find Your Child is a locator service

Find Your Child provides peace of mind for parents, allowing you to locate your children via their mobile phone. This can be done without having to make a call (which they often don¹t answer) or sending a text message (which they sometimes ignore).

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A people locator service such as this is designed to locate the phone of another person. For the service to work, the phone has to be switched on and within network coverage. Location services aimed at children are intended to complement, not be a substitute for, normal parental supervision. They give information about the location of a child’s phone and, in conjunction with other types of communication, such as phoning or texting, can help parents keep in touch with their children.

Although the technology that we use is sophisticated, the service itself is very straight forward:

  • Click Buy Now and we register you as a user
  • You can then request the location of a mobile from your PC or from your own mobile.
  • We check that you are entitled to track that phone.
  • We deliver the location to you ­ as a map to your PC or as a text message to your phone – and charge you for the information.
  • You pay as you go – as long as you have paid for credit, you can use the service – so there are no ties.
  • There are safety features built in to make sure that the user of the phone is aware that they are being tracked. Their permission is required from the outset, and SMS messages are sent to them periodically to notify them that they are being tracked.
  • Works with all current mobile phones, on Fresh, O2, Orange, Tesco Mobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile & Vodaphone.. Accuracy to 150m.

It costs only £9.99 to get started. We credit this amount to your account and then deduct a registration fee of £2.49 (based on online registration) to cover 12 months access to the service. This leaves a balance of £3.50 ­ which is enough to add 1 mobile to be located and to make up to 5 searches.
Further searches can be bought for as little as 40p each.

“This helps me keep in touch with where my (16 year old) daughter is in the evenings and weekends – especially as I am away from home alot myself”
Kate E, Taunton

“My two boys (10 & 14) are always up to something.  Just knowing that they are more or less where they should be is reassuring enough”
Tim W, Luto

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