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If you would like to know who can locate your own mobile – or that of your children, click below.

About us – the company that produced Find Your Child

The Company

Creativity Software Ltd is a developer and publisher of software products and services, based in London (England). We specialize in developing products that serve the needs of families.
We have computer servers situated in a former Ministry of Defence bunker, to ensure the most secure of environments – essential for any business that provides a missing child tracking device or service – such as Find Your Child. We invest heavily in technology and skills to ensure that our internet presence is reliable and safe for customers to use.

We partner with other organizations to deliver products that depend upon specialist knowledge. For instance, we have produced a travel product in conjunction with Rough Guides. We worked with childrens’ charities, the Home Office, the network operators and Association of Chief Police Officers to deliver Find Your Child.

Interested retailers in UK/Europe and all press, investor and marketing enquiries should be directed to Saul Olivares(Marketing Director).

Anyone interested in partnering with us to develop licensed products should contact Richard Lee (CEO).

We welcome all feedback and enquiries regarding our products and plans – please contact our Customer Support Team by clicking here or at the following address.

Creativity Software Ltd
12-50 Kingsgate Road
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT2 5AA